Clarity Human Services is excited to announce another case management software feature update! This feature update has many user interface updates to give Clarity Human Services a sleek look and even more intuitive navigation.

These new features continue to improve the Nevada HMIS/CMIS experience!

1. Updates to Client and Household Management

Once clients have been added to the Household, and the Head of Household has been established, a star will appear next to the Head of Household’s name, indicating their designation as Head of Household.


2. Updates to Staff Profile Management

This new feature allows the end user to update their initials in the event that their name changes (i.e. after marriage, divorce, etc.)

Note: this feature only applies to staff who use initials as their profile identifier.


To accomplish this, the end user will go to ‘My Info’ and select the profile identifier (picture or initials) in the top right corner of the screen. Next, select the “Regenerate My Initials” in the photo section, change the initials, then save changes at the bottom of the screen.

3. Updates to Case Management: Time Tracking

The objective of this new feature is to allow the case manager to track their time spent working with clients.
This new feature is found in two areas of the application:

-Service > Case Management [service category] > service item
-Client / Program Notes

Contact Bitfocus support to enable the time tracker functionality for your Case Management services.
Once Time Tracking is enabled, the case manager will have the option to either allow the defaulted time (if ‘Tracking Time is Adjustable’ is NOT enabled), and/or modify the time per the length of the service (if ‘Tracking Time is Adjustable’ is enabled).


You can also request Time Tracking for client/program notes. This enables the end user to track the amount of time that corresponds to that particular client/program note.

For example, in a client note for ‘Employment Counseling’, the case manager can select (from the dropdown menu) the amount of time spent on any Employment Counseling subject matter discussed in that particular note. Program Note(s) also allow the same option of capturing the time spent.


4. Updates to User Interface Design

4.1 Changes to Pop-up boxes
The ‘Pop-up’ boxes in Clarity Human Services have been updated to reflect a more modern look and function:

-Larger fields and function buttons for easier viewing and navigation
-End user has the ability to close the pop-up box in the upper right hand corner of the pop-up


4.2 Changes to Referrals User Interface
Several tabs on the Referral Screens have been updated.

4.2a Community Queue tab

-Client Search Field larger for easier visibility when searching for a client
-The Referring agency has been placed directly under the client’s name for quicker reference
-Active Agency Field has been updated to accommodate for easier searching capabilities

4.2b Pending Tab
The Pending Tab of the Referral screen has been updated to reflect easier location and searching features;

-Larger Search Field
-Program and Agency referred to is directly under the client’s name for expedited location

4.2c Completed Tab
The “Completed Tab” on the Referral Screen has also been updated with easy search features

Easier search field when searching for a client
Program/Agency and date of completed easier viewing

4.2d Denied Tab

The “Denied Tab” now has new icon feature to indicate that a client’s referral has been sent back to the Community Queue.

4.2e Sent tab
Referrals “Sent” tab for a client, now has been updated with a new easier to read format to help users locate the following:

-Status of referral
-Referred Agency
-Referred to: Agency
-The date the referral was created

4.3 Changes to Programs User Interface
The program screen has been updated in several ways to reflect present information for the user while viewing and enrolling clients.

4.3a. Easier to read program descriptors/Category/Type


4.3b Program graphs have been updated in the following ways
-Active Clients – Clients Currently Active in the Program
-Occupancy (Today) – Total number of clients enrolled in the program as of today
-Referrals (90 Days) – Statistics of referrals made to the program within the last 90 days


4.3c Updates to Head of Household Management User Interface
Enrolling Family/Group Members into the program through the head-of-household’s client record is now easier to navigate.


4.3d Updates to Navigation: New Icons!
General Icons: The Search screen has been made even more user friendly with the addition of new icons. In the upper right hand corner of the screen there are now the following icons, each of which will take the user to the corresponding screen:



Report Queue Icon: The Report Queue icon is now on the right side of the screen allowing easy access to queued reports.


Staff Inbox and Secure Messaging Icon: The Staff Inbox & Secure Messaging is now found by clicking on the White Envelope icon at the top right corner of your screen.


4.3e. Updated Staff Profile Picture/Initials
Your staff profile picture/initials have also updated to be a larger size for easier viewing

4.4 Changes to ‘Add New Client’
To create a new client, click on the “person +” icon in the upper right of the search field. This will open a blank client profile form.


5. XML 4.0 Import/Export: Client Location

The CSV file has been updated to include the new field; CoC Location.

This field will pull the Client’s CoC Location CoC Code field, when data has been entered at the time the client is:

-enrolled in the program
-status assessment has been updated
-exited from the program

If the Client CoC Location CoC field is blank then the the client’s CoC information will reflect the CoC data from the Program Location.

These updates are available to you now. Manual installation will not be required – Our cloud-based system will automatically activate them for you! So, we invite you to enjoy their benefits right away.