Release Rollout Begins: June 12, 2017

Release Final: June 21, 2017

Release Highlights

In addition to general tweaks and enhancements, this release comes with new and improved features in the following categories:

  • Ability to Delete a Client Profile Picture
  • Forced ROI on Attendance
  • Send Users Reminders of Items in Community Queue
  • Referrals: Ability to Edit Outcome
  • Referrals: New Expired Status
  • Referrals: Sorting Ability
  • Referrals and Caseload: Case Manager Assignment
  • Lock Editing Rights for Services
  • Separate Data Import Tool (DIT) Access Roles Between Mapping and Running Import
  • Data Import Tool: Limit Validation Errors Returned
  • Data Analysis Library: Agency Management for Looker Reports
  • Annual Assessment Due Date Correction
  • Assessment Processor: Refinements
  • Assessment Processor Engine: Multi-Assessment Processing
  • Setup/Settings Update of Menu Items
  • Change to Clarity Password Requirements
  • Account Management: Vendor Functionality – Phase One

Details for each update are provided here.