Hello, Nevada Partner Agency Data Leads!

If you are the designated PADL for your organization, please utilize the PADL Resource Page for helpful information and don’t hesitate to reach out if you have any questions at all. Our team is happy to help!

What is a PADL?

It is a requirement of the HMIS Standard Operating Procedures that each Nevada HMIS Partner Agency assign a designated HMIS Lead, referred to locally as a Partner Agency Data Lead [PADL].

Who are the PADLs?

HMIS users who have been identified by the CEO or the Executive Director at their agency as having the experience and ability to ensure accurate and complete HMIS data entry, communicate well across all of their agency programs, and serve as the on-site experts and trainers to other HMIS users within the agency. The designated PADL has responsibility for the administration of the HMIS in his/her agency.

The PADL Defined: Roles and Responsibilities


  • The primary point of contact for the HMIS State Lead (Clark County Social Service) and the HMIS System Administrator (Bitfocus, Inc.)
  • The go-to person for all HMIS users within the agency
  • Committed to fully understand the system and be able to edit, create, and append data for all programs and services operated by his or her agency
  • Able to run reports regarding agency programs and services; frequently logging into the system


  • Responsible for agency data quality and reports
  • To be in compliance with the HMIS Standard Operating Procedures, Memorandum of Understanding, and Data Sharing Agreement
  • Ensure that the agency and programs are in compliance with all HMIS HUD and other Federal Partner standards
  • Ensure all agency information is up to date with Bitfocus, Inc
  • Be the source for all HMIS related forms and consents within the agency
  • Attend all HMIS/CoC train the trainer model sessions and relay all knowledge and training to agency end users.
  • Responsible for ongoing training and support of all agency staff apart from the trainings offered by Bitfocus, Inc.

Please access the PADL Resource page for helpful tools and information!