Northern Nevada Initiatives

 Northern Nevada Initiatives 

1. Northern Nevada VASH Import Initiative

Brief description of project:  In 1992 a joint program, HUD-VASH Vouchers, was established between U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development (HUD) and Veterans affairs (VA) to address the needs of eligible veterans experiencing homelessness.  The collaboration allowed for rental assistance to be covered by HUD vouchers and supportive services to be administered by VA Medical Centers and designated community based organizations. 

Although this collaboration was well received by Continuum of Cares (CoCs), there were not regulations mandating the VA to utilize CoCs data collection software.  The VA was tracking and inputting information into the assigned HOMES software.  This disconnect of data collection was problematic for CoCs as the VASH vouchers in many cases can make up more than 50% of permanent supportive Housing beds. 

Hence, HUD created the HUD VASH Translator Tool (HVTT) and on February 2023 Northern Nevada CoC and partner agency,  VA Sierra NV HCS-Northern Nevada, were trained to use the tool. The following recording and slides are available for review and reference.

Northern Nevada VASH recording

Northern Nevada Companion slides