Southern Nevada Initiatives

Southern Nevada Initiatives

Southern Nevada has implemented the following initiatives, please review the recorded trainings and slides as needed.  If there are further questions please contact the Nevada System Administration Team at  or the Support team at  .


1. CCSS/Metro Initiative- On December 8, 2022, CCSS/Metro initiative was implemented in Clarity Humans Services to track outreach efforts, collect data of those served, and assist in understanding the social service need for the greater City of Las Vegas region. The CCSS/Metro is a crisis services partnership between Clark County Social Services (CCSS) and the City of Las Vegas Metropolitan Police Department (Metro) . The partnership is focused on social service intervention and crisis management.

CCSS/Metro Training (Dec. 2022)

The training was for both the CCSS and Metro staff associated with the partnership.

CCSS/Metro Training Slides