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1. State of Nevada, Division of Public & Behavioral Health:  Forensic Assessment Services Triage Team (FASTT) Project

Brief description of project: Forensic Assessment Services Triage Team (FASTT) is a multi-disciplinary team that provides in-reach case management and supports to incarcerated individuals with services that include evidence-based behavioral health and risk/ needs screening and assessments, educational groups, medical referrals, and reentry service plan development. FASTT collaboratively develops individualized service plans with inmates to enhance connection to identified community service providers with the intent of continuing services without interruption upon release. The goals of FASTT are to reduce risk of recidivism, increase accountability monitoring, and support inmate stabilization to improve quality of life of the inmate and those impacted by their incarceration.

FASTT Services Guide


FASTT Workflow Training

For further information about the FASTT, please feel free to contact: TBD.